Zip Up, It's Cold Out There!

Similar to the chakras, which are your body's energy centers, meridians are energy pathways that emit both light and electromagnetic energy. These energies are referred to as subtle energies and are the key to energy medicine and healing.

When you are feeling fearful, sad or vulnerable, you may be picking up on other people's negative thoughts and energies. The central meridian that regulates your central nervous system runs like a zipper from your pubic bone up to your bottom lip. By tracing this pathway with the more subtle energies of your hands, you can draw energy along this line and zip it up. The Zip Up will help you to feel more confident and positive about yourself and your surroundings. It will enhance your inner strengths and assist you to think more clearly. It will also shield you from negative energies and thought forms.

How To "Zip Up"

By Donna Eden, Energy Medicine; Tarcher/Putnam, 1998.

1. Briskly tap your K-27 point to assure that your meridians are moving in a forward direction. Tapping K-27 radiates energy out to all your meridians and gets them moving in the right direction. Your K-27 point is located just below and slightly outward of the center bumps of your collarbone. Most people will feel a slight indent here.

2. Place your hand at the bottom end of the central meridian, which is at your pubic bone.

3. Inhale deeply as you simultaneously move your hand straight up the center of your body, to your lower lip.

4. Repeat three times.

This upward direction is the natural direction that the central meridian flows. By tracing it with the electromagnetic force of your hand you are literally moving the energy in the meridian and in turn the meridian is strengthening you. The central meridian is closely attuned with your thoughts and emotions. Therefore, you can zip up as often as you wish, just remember to breathe in deeply and with strong intent. You will immediately begin to feel centered, grounded and in your own power.

While you are tracing the central meridian, you may wish to add an affirmation such as "I am safe, centered and protected". You may also want to imagine turning and locking the zipper in place in order to create a more powerful and prolonged effect.

Everyday, we are constantly bombarded with energies that drain us of our own energy and vitality. So, before you go out, don't forget to zip up!

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