Traditional Reiki Certification

 For those who are called to study this ancient healing art, Reiki is a sacred gift that allows people a connection and the ability to channel Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki empowerment comes through a series of initiations that increase power at each level or degree . Once you are attuned to Reiki, the empowerment for healing yourself and others is available to you for the rest of your life. Reiki can be used only for good and in harmony with universal law, as Reiki is, very simply LOVE.

Reiki I (First Degree)
You will learn the Reiki principles and the history of Reiki and how it works. You will experience a guided meditation to prepare you for the attunement ceremony. After the transfer of energy, you then become a facilitator for channeling healing energy. Hand positions are introduced for treatment and self-healing. The chakra system, aura, cleansing cycle and ethics will also be discussed. Reiki II (Second Degree)
The energy transfer further opens you to the Reiki energy. Symbols are introduced that are used for long distance healing as well as those to work with such issues as past-life, karma, mental healing and emotional healing.  Special emphasis is also placed upon developing and strengthening intuitive abilities.
Reiki III (Master or Master Teacher)
You receive the highest attunements to completely open you to the Reiki energy. Instruction and practice is given in using the symbols in the complete Usui system. Reiki breathing and the water ceremony are introduced.

Master Teacher training and certification is also available for those who desire to empower others with this complete system of natural healing and spiritual development. At this level, each time an attunement is given the Reiki Master receives one also.

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