Etheric Cord Cutting, Clearing & Balancing

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Archangel Michael Cord Cutting, Energy Clearing & Balancing Ceremony is a highly effective technique for those who have unhealthy attachments to a person, place, situation, or thing, and are stuck in their emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical body. (fear, anger, anxiety, sadness, obsessive, thoughtforms, unhealthy behaviors or patterns and/or distorted thinking, etc.)

Etheric Cord Cutting is a spiritual healing technique given and guided by the Archangels and is only used for the highest good of all concerned and in accordance with God's Will. It does not necessarily end the relationship but severs the emotional/mental drain, negativity, and obsessive thinking that results from an unhealthy attachment and in turn brings the relationship/situation into balance and alignment or ends the energetic attachment once and for all. It can be used for family, romantic, friendships, or work relationships, whatever relationship that is draining you of peace of mind, vitality and happiness.

Upon ordering this service please include the person, situation, and details surrounding your issue. Please take the time to really reflect on what you would like to release and in turn what you would like to bring into your life. A day and time may be scheduled to perform this ritual or you may choose a convenient time to meditate and bring in the healing energies. Take time to journal on this issue, light a white candle (to represent clearing and purity) and set your intentions to release the relationship or issue. Write a list of what you would like to bring into your life to take the place of what you are releasing. When you empty a space inside of you, it is best to fill it with something positive.You may also write a letter to the person (with/out mailing it) and burn it, if you wish.  The power is in your intention! The Archangels magnify your strong intention and the healing practitioner facilitates the process and acts on your behalf, as a neutral third party, to bring resolution or transformation.

A clearing of the chakras, meridans, energy field, and aura, as well as a balancing on all levels is facilitated during this ceremony. Take time to soak in a sea salt bath, drink plenty of water, eat healthy natural foods, and do some type of cleansing activity to enhance this healing.

It is best to do each relationship or issue separately to lend credence to each one.

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