Thetahealing Session

Price: $65.00

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ThetaHealing® is both therapeutic and self-help and aims to assist with physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. ThetaHealing is not a replacement for conventional medical treatment, but rather is supplementary to it.

Using a meditational process that accesses the “theta’ brainwave, we pray for our clients to receive unconditional love in order to assist in the healing changes they desire. Another way of expressing this is that we ask God, Source, or The Creator for the healing to take place.

Despite ThetaHealing being an intangible spiritual healing process it could best be described as “focused thought and prayer bringing healing and transformation through unconditional love” - excerpt from the official Thetahealing website.

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Please see our ThetaHealing Page for more information.

Jill Volpe is a Certified Advanced Thetahealing® Practitioner. Sessions are typically 45 minutes and are available in person or via Skype.